Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I should start off introducing myself, My name is Michelle, I'm 22 years old and I live in Arizona. My astrological sign, or I should say signs because I was born on a cusp, the Aries/Taurus cusp. My numerology life path number is 11, it's a power number that carries the characteristics of a 2 because 1+1=2.
I'm very interested in astrology and numerology but more so numerology. If anyone that doesn't believe in it took the time to get a numerology report they would be so amazed at how accurate it really is.
I love animals. I have 2 dogs, a rottweiler her name is Venus and I have an American Bulldog her name is Saturn. I have 3 cats, Frisky, Oreo, and Key and I have a Ferret named Rhea. My animals are my babies.
I don't have kids, I didn't graduate high school, I live alone, don't have a boyfriend, I have tons of friends but only 2 real friends I can trust. Being able to trust someone in this world is hard to do so if you've found those people don't let go of them.
For being 22 I've experienced a lot, good, bad, sad. I've lived both sides of rich and poor. I grew up way to fast but I don't regret a minute of it. If I could take a time machine into my past I would do it just to see the people I loved and to watch myself make the mistakes I've made so I can see just what it was I did wrong, that way I hopefully won't do it again.
I've had my heart broken a million times and it hurts just as bad as it did the first time it was broken, I won't give up on love though. I've probably broken many hearts too, not on purpose, well maybe a few I broke on purpose when I was young. I'm married but my husband is in prison, he got 5 years. I couldn't even say how long he's already done because I try to avoid thinking about that but I think he has 2 years left.
I have 3 brothers, my oldest brother Jeffrey is doing 21 years in DOC, my second oldest Jacob is out here on the streets, he's a dork. My youngest brother is 11, his name is Jamie.
I guess I'll write again tomorrow this is getting long.